animal reportage

Asheville,  NC

Asheville, NC

Richmond VA pet photography

Venice, Italy
Havana, Cuba
Twin Oaks Intentional Community
Governor Tim Kaine inauguration
Housewarming party, RVA
Havan, Cuba
USA Today story on Tyson's chicken
Asheville,  NC
The Ant Farm, intentional community,  Texas
Pee Wee, Hurricane Katrina dog, I fell  in love with
Havan, Cuba
Asheville, NC
Richmond, VA
Asheville, NC Idiotorod
Out West
Waiting patiently
Nanish Shonti, intentional community
On the Mall
Ocracoke, NC
San Diego Zoo
NC for WNC Magazine
Occupy Protest Richmond VA
Bird and Blue Truck
Fashion for Paws Humane Society Benefit, Washington DC
for The Washington Post
Arcosanti intentional community
Tuscon Arizona
Black Mountain , NC
Wedding, Asheville NC
Sandhill intentional community
Up State, KY
Birthday party
Hounds and Horses for WNC Magazine